Cloud storage
No hidden charges

Welcome to cloud storage the way it should be. Scalable. Robust. And comprehensible. That means no charges for data egress, PUTs, GETs, or API calls.

SymplyNEBULA is everything you've come to expect from the cloud: scalable on demand, easy to use, secure. And it has a huge advantage over other providers: billing.

We designed SymplyNEBULA to charge for the storage you use and nothing more. Ever. No hidden costs to put your data into the cloud or take it out, no fair usage policies, and no hidden support charges. Just pay for the amount of space you want and scale up or down when you need to.

No hidden charges 

Businesses opt for cloud storage for many reasons. Chief among them are security and the ability to spread costs over an OpEx model, which becomes more challenging when you don't know what you're paying for. 

SymplyNEBULA is a cloud storage solution that charges a flat fee per TB of storage you order - you won't find any surprises in your bill. It also flexes with your needs - increasing the space available when you add more data. Yes, you pay for the extra space. And yes, you're told in advance. It really is that simple.

Cloud Ecosystem

The cloud would be largely useless if it didn't fit neatly into your storage infrastructure and teams. Working with our ecosystem partners we're able to ensure that you can access your data as and when you need it. What's more, we developed SymplyNEBULA SWARM to replciate your data across different geos - again, with a simple flat fee. For example, if your primary office is in LA you'll have a nearby storage bucket, but if you have a team in London then we can automatically replicate your data to the London datacenter in near real time. Which is useful. Obviously.

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