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A new breed of S3 Object Storage Appliance


A New Breed of S3 Object Storage Appliance. Effortlessly and Affordably Scaled. 

AURA represents a breakthrough in data management and protection, offering a single-server appliance solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.  

AURA empowers customers to swiftly deploy a “plug & play” S3 object storage repository, catering to both active archive and backup requirements with unparalleled efficiency and security. Built on highly proven 16th generation software and deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes, AURA ensures absolute reliability and performance. 

Unlike other single server appliance offerings in the market, which are typically limited in their scalability, AURA can start with a single appliance and allows customers to scale capacity and performance via the addition of any number of appliances as required, with no software or hardware-imposed limitations.  Start with 100s of Terabytes and scale effortlessly into Petabytes and beyond without ever needing to take your media offline. 

SymplyAURA Usage Modules 

Media & Entertainment High Performance ComputingLife Science
EnterpriseGovernmentStorage as a Service

SymplyAURA Advantages 

  • Fast & Secure Deployments with Ease of Management: AURA streamlines the deployment process, ensuring rapid setup and configuration while providing intuitive management tools for ongoing operations. 
  • Implementation of the 3-2-1-1 Rule: AURA facilitates adherence to industry best practices, enabling customers to implement robust backup and archive strategies effortlessly.  
  • Scale-Out Performance and Capacity: With AURA, scalability is not a concern. The solution offers seamless scalability, allowing organizations to expand performance and capacity as their needs evolve.  
  • Intelligent Self-Healing Cluster Technology: AURA incorporates advanced self-healing capabilities, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity even in the face of hardware failures or disruptions.  
  • MACH.2 Drives with Multi-Actuator Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge hard disk drive technology from Seagate, AURA maximizes performance and efficiency, delivering unparalleled performance for demanding workloads without the capacity compromise or cost-implications of flash storage alternatives. 

SymplyAURA Features & Benefits  

  • Scalable and Secure Deployments: With Scale-out architecture you can begin with a single S3 object storage appliance and effortlessly scale capacity and performance as needed.  
  • Plug and Play Deployment: Get started quickly with pre-configured domains and buckets, minimizing setup time and complexity.   
  • Battle-Hardened Software: AURA incorporates 16th-generation object software deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes, ensuring reliability and performance.  
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: AURA employs self-healing technology and advanced data protection policies, always ensuring the integrity and availability of stored data.  
  • Adaptive Power Conservation: With AURA, power reduction targets can be easily achieved through administrator-determined policies that enforce power savings by spinning down disks when inactive. 
  • Easy to Use: Through an intuitive user interface, AURA facilities secure user access, simplifying management, task and system monitoring, and cluster management. 100s of Petabytes can be easily overseen with minimal system admin resources. 
  • Automatic Software Updates: Stay up to date with automatic and secure software updates, ensuring the latest features and security patches are applied promptly. 

SymplyAURA Embedded Applications 

AURA supports 3rd party embedded applications, providing best-in-class infrastructure capabilities. Mitigating the need to install additional servers for compute applications, AURA saves on total hardware costs, and the associated costs of power, cooling, and management, while providing a reduced hardware footprint. 

A wide variety of applications are supported for deployment on AURA, but several software solutions can be ordered as pre-installed options with AURA hardware. 

  • Archiware P5 – Provides an all-in-one solution for Archive, Backup, Cloning and Replication. Quick and easy to use and compatible with disk, tape and cloud (S3) to support AURA. 
  • StorageDNA DNAfabric – A scalable, unstructured data management services platform. It connects multiple storage end points across on-premises, remote and cloud. It allows organizations to manage their data more securely and effectively with a comprehensive toolset. 
  • Tiger Technology Bridge – Intelligent data management for on-premises and hybrid cloud workflows. Store, protect and easily manage your critical data with seamless data replication and tiering with Bridge. 

SymplyAURA Technical Specifications 

Form Factor  2RU  
438 x 868 x 88 mm (17.2 x 33 x 3.46 inches) 
Interfaces 2 x 10Gb RJ45 
4 x 25bE SFP28 (10GbE compatible)  
Capacity Options*  576TB NL-SAS 
288TB NL-SAS  
360TB NL-SAS Multi-Actuator (for High Performance) 
180TB NL-SAS Multi-Actuator (for High Performance) 
OS Drives Redundant NVMe 
Application Drives Redundant SSD 12Gb SAS 
Data Protection  In appliance EC & Replication tolerates loss of two data drives 
(3+ appliance configurations allow for failure of any one appliance in the cluster) 
Power Supply Hot-Swap 800W Redundant  
Hardware Warranty &  
Software Maintenance  
36- or 60-Months Software Subscription & Rapid Exchange Hardware Warranty  

*Raw storage capacities. Actual capacity will be less dependent on chosen erasure coding settings. 

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