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symply transporter: a new breed of secure content shuttle

A breakthrough in compact desktop ‘plug and play’ S3 object storage repository, ideal for backup and archive for small- and medium-sized companies looking for an easy solution to protect them from Ransomware. TRANSPORTER offers enhanced protection from Ransomware and Malware over and above what is available from traditional NAS solutions. 

TRANSPORTER can also be deployed as a state-of-the-art portable secure content shuttle.  Customers can store massive amounts of data created at edge locations, provision content as a private cloud if necessary, and later securely transport the data to a central location for import into an on-premises object store such as SymplyAURA or SymplyPERIFERY. Data can be imported from TRANSPORTER into a main cluster at the push of a button thanks to the universally unique nature of object storage. Once the data transfer is completed the system administrator can reset the device, completely sanitizing the appliance in a few minutes so it is ready to be redeployed back at an edge location. 

SymplyTRANSPORTER Features and Benefits

  • Compact and Lightweight – Portable desktop appliance with integrated carry handle, TRANSPORTER is equally at home in-facility or at an edge location. 
  • Eight 3.5” Hard Disks – Provide capacities up to 192TB*  
  • Ethernet Connectivity – Dual 25GbE SFP28 ports allow for performant and simple integration to networks.  
  • Plug and Play Deployment – Get started quickly with pre-configured domains and buckets, minimizing setup time and complexity. 
  • Easy to Use – With an intuitive user interface, TRANSPORTER provides secure user access alongside simplified management and monitoring. 
  • Battle-Hardened Software – TRANSPORTER incorporates 16th-generation software deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes, ensuring reliability and performance.  
  • Enhanced Data Integrity Self-healing technology and advanced data protection policies are standard on TRANSPORTER, ensuring both the integrity and availability of data. 
  • Ransomware Protection – Beyond the functionalities and security mechanisms found in NAS solutions, TRANSPORTER provides data encryption in-flight and at rest, features object immutability (WORM), and provides full audit trails as standard. 
  • Disaster Recovery Built In – Backup, and object tiering to any S3 connected endpoint, including another TRANSPORTER, SymplyAURA, SymplyPERIFERY, SymplyNEBULA, or any other public cloud provider is standard. 
  • Automatic Software Updates: Stay up to date with automatic and secure software updates, ensuring the latest features and security patches are applied promptly.

Embedded Application Support 

TRANSPORTER supports 3rd party embedded applications providing a peerless solution for data and content workflows in a single, compact and portable hardware appliance. Without the need for additional computer hardware, TRANSPORTER offers an all-in-one workflow solution that reduces not only hardware expenditure, but also realizes associated savings in relation to power, cooling, and management time. 

A wide range of applications are supported for deployment on TRANSPORTER, but the following options can be purchased pre-installed; 

  • Archiware P5 – Provides an all-in-one solution for Archive, Backup, Cloning and Replication. Quick and easy to use and compatible with disk, tape and cloud (S3) storage. 
  • StorageDNA DNAfabric – A scalable, unstructured data management services platform. It connects multiple storage end points across on-premises, remote and cloud. It allows organizations to manage their data more securely and effectively with a comprehensive toolset. 
  • Tiger Technology Bridge – Intelligent data management for on-premises and hybrid cloud workflows. Store, protect and easily manage your critical data with seamless data replication and tiering with Bridge. 

Technical Specifications

Form FactorCompact and rugged eight bay desktop with carry handle
Raw Capacity80 TB, 160 TB, 192 TB
Erasure Coded Capacity (4+2)50 TB, 100 TB, 128 TB
Max CapacityUnlimited (via clustering and replication)
Network Interfaces2 x 25Gb SFP28 Ethernet
4 x Gb Ethernet
Client ProtocolsS3, HTTP, NFS v4.1, RESTful API
Management Interface1 x Gb Ethernet
Software Subscription / Hardware Warranty 3 or 5 Years
Redundant System DisksYes
Drive Locator PinSecure HDD is position reducing the risk of damage during transportation
Kensington LockYes
(H x W x D)
355 x 210 x 360 mm
13.9 x 8.2 x 14.2 in
Weight17.5 kg
Power Requirements300 W, 110-240 VAC
Operating Temperature10°C ~ 35°C 
50°F ~ 95°F
Operating Relative Humidity8% to 90% 
Rugged Transportation CaseOptional


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