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Symply LTO Media

Symply’s LTO media provides reliability, cost and security. LTO tape or Linear Tape Open, and also known as the LTO Ultrium format is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format that is optimized for high capacity, maximum storage density, and performance. It provides a secure and portable way to store multiple copies of your data, often complementing disk and flash-based storage systems by providing an offline backup and/or archive option that means your data remains secure.

Symply offers LTO-7, LTO-8, and the latest generation LTO-9 media, all are optimized for performance and reliability in either our Symply Desktop or Rackmount systems or automated environments from any of the tape library vendors, for any backup and/or archiving application.

Technical Specifications

TypeGenPre-Optimized MaterialCapacityNativeCapacityWith 2:5:1 compressionCartridge Color
SYMED-IBM-02XW568Data CartridgeLTO-9NoBaFe18TB45TBGreen
SYMED-IBM-02XW568-OData CartridgeLTO-9YesBaFe18TB45TBGreen
SYMED-IBM-01PL041Data CartridgeLTO-8n/aBaFe12TB30TBBrick Red
SYMED-IBM-38L7302Data CartridgeLTO-7n/aBaFe6TB 15TBPurple 
SYMED-IBM-00V7590Data CartridgeLTO-6n/aBaFe2.5TB6.25TBBlack
SYMED-IBM-35L2086Cleaning Cartridge Universaln/an/an/an/aBlack 

You can order Symply-approved LTO media from our Webstore, or via our network of value-added resellers. Contact us if you have any questions at

Media Optimization

LTO-9 media Optimization, also referred to as Characterization is a new feature for LTO-9 tape drives. The increased number of tracks used to write data on the LTO-9 tape requires greater precision. Media optimization creates a referenced calibration for each cartridge that enables the tape drive’s intelligent alignment to optimize data placement, thus enhancing the LTO-9 tape’s long-term media durability. 

When LTO-9 media is used in an LTO-9 tape drive, it needs to undergo the optimization process. Media optimization applies only to LTO-9 tapes in an LTO-9 drive and is a one-time process that takes about 40 minutes to complete.  Although most media optimizations will complete within 60 minutes some media optimizations may take up to 2 hours.   

All the Symply LTO-9 media we ship bundled with the SymplyPRO LTO products, is pre-optimized and barcoded in our labs, saving you time and money.  Symply also sell pre-optimized LTO-9 media in packs of 5, via our webstore or via our network of value-added resellers. 

For more information on LTO-9 Media optimization click here


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