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Welcome to public and private cloud storage the way it should be. Scalable. Robust. And comprehensible. That means predictable costs and no hidden charges.

The growth in the use of public cloud storage has been remarkable, and the pandemic has further fuelled adoption. At Symply we launched our own performant public cloud, SymplyNEBULA, in September 2021, but we also came to realize that many customers still had a requirement for an in facility native S3 storage, typically to meet performance requirements. So a year later in September 2022 we launched Symply Perifery.


SymplyNEBULA is built on a modern, globally distributed data storage mesh where object storage and high-capacity networks function as one. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from the cloud and more: scalable on demand, performant, multi-cloud ready, easy to use, highly durable, and secure. And it has a huge advantage over other providers: cost. The cost of SymplyNEBULA is significantly lower (up to 80% less expensive) than the big name Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

We designed SymplyNEBULA to charge for the storage you use and nothing more. No hidden costs to put your data into the cloud or take it out, no hidden or complex fair usage policies, and no hidden support charges. Just pay for the amount of space you want and scale up or down when you need to.

No hidden charges

Businesses opt for cloud storage for many reasons. Chief among them are security and the ability to spread costs over an OpEx model, which becomes more challenging when you don’t know what you’re paying for.

SymplyNEBULA is a cloud storage solution that charges a flat fee per TB of storage you order – you won’t find any surprises in your bill. It also flexes with your needs – increasing the space available when you add more data. Yes, you pay for the extra space. And yes, you’re told in advance. It really is that simple.

Symply Perifery

Symply Perifery is an S3 native scalable appliance built on parallel architecture. With elastic content protection that enables GB and GB/sec throughput, and hundreds of TB to PBs and beyond of capacity, Perifery nodes can be scaled out in a linear fashion while embedded application support provides an unmatched content preservation experience. No matter the type of workflow or where content is created or stored, Symply Perifery offers a simple and complete solution with 100% cost predictability.

Featuring massive scalability, high data durability, enhanced data integrity checking, data and node life cycle management, no interruptions of service for upgrades, and a whole host of media friendly capabilities, you’ll never have to migrate data again.

Public cloud and in-facility S3 native storage would be largely useless if it didn’t fit neatly into your storage infrastructure and teams. Working with our ecosystem partners we’re able to ensure that you can access your data as and when you need it. In fact, as we use standard S3 protocols we are compatible with the vast majority of S3 applications. We also offer additional workflow tools including, axledit, DataCore – FireFly, DNAfabric and Tiger Bridge which provide a mixture of hybrid cloud workflows and strategies for managing unstructured data.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help optimize your cloud workflow and introduce you to SymplyNEBULA: the last cloud storage platform you’ll ever need.


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