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cloud storage: simplified

SymplyNEBULA is an affordable, globally distributed data storage mesh.

Designed for cloud-based production, archiving, and backup, SymplyNEBULA is built using a modern architecture that enables both object storage and high-capacity networks to function as a single platform. This flexibility delivers performant access to S3 data pools for use with any application, from any connected location. But without the typical capabilities vs. cost trade-off.

Normally, users need to decide if they want fast, configurable cloud storage or a lower price with less performance and fewer features.

Large public cloud providers are often slow and inflexible, charging I/O operations for writing data to their systems and for retrieving that content. They do, however, offer great capabilities including AI, machine learning, and in-depth analytics.

On the other hand, single tier cloud providers offer a lower cost alternative, but still charge for content retrieval and have complex fair usage policies.

What if you didn’t have to choose? What if there was a cloud storage solution that provided the features of the big cloud service providers, the cost of the single tiers, and didn’t charge to get at your data?

SymplyNEBULA cloud storage is designed to meet the needs of content creators and owners by offering outstanding performance regardless of how much storage you use. And it’s affordable, with low per-terabyte monthly costs and no content retrieval charges. Just determine your monthly storage requirement, reserve that capacity, and that’s all you pay for.

What’s more, there’s no hard limit – you can add as much capacity into SymplyNEBULA as you need, and we’ll just bill you for the difference. Simple.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple $7.50 per TB per Month including support
  • Always know your cost – no surprises
  • Optimized for both small and large object performance
  • Up to 10x faster for large object and 120x for small objects vs the big three CSPs
  • Multi-cloud optimized – take advantage of compute services from AWS, Azure, GCP and others
  • Enhanced workflow tools including Nebula Bridge and Nebula Fabric
  • 8 + 3 erasure coding for “eleven nines” (99.999999999%) data durability
  • Object Locking feature for Immutability (WORM)
  • With 99% coverage of AWS S3 API SymplyNEBULA is compatible with almost all S3 applications including leading media asset managers, data movers, backup and archive software
  • Data is protected via Secure internet transit (SSL) inflight and optionally secured with AES 256 encryption at rest
  • Class-leading data tagging of objects, Add up to 10 additional data tags for each object for advanced filtering and analytics
  • Features 30-day minimum object retention time, significantly less than the 90 days offered by competing cloud storage vendors
  • Worldwide data centers across the US and UK

Active Archive

Restoring a backup is time critical. SymplyNEBULA offers data independence for almost any scenario while providing faster data retrieval and better value than alternatives such as deep cloud archives and LTO.


Make up to three-way replicas of your data, allowing for greater sharing between geos. Create, read, and modify files across multiple locations without complexity and in near real-time.

Multi Cloud

Our software defined mesh network integrates with cloud service providers to deliver low latency cloud adjacent performance for data processing. A bucket within SymplyNEBULA can be accessed by applications such as big analytics, machine learning, and AI running in multiple cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP. SymplyNEBULA allows one consistent data set to be used across multiple clouds

Technical Specifications

SymplyNEBULA vs Public Cloud Providers

Distributed Mesh Network Design – Storage is made available when and where it’s neededLegacy Architecture – Forces users to choose a location/region
No egress feesCharged for Egress when exceeding limits
No API call feesCharged for API calls when exceeding limits
Capacity charge only means predictable pricingCharged for features, which results in unpredictable monthly costs.
Object locking feature for immutabilityIntermittent object locking support
Up to 10x faster for large objects and 120x for small objects than legacy cloud servicesChoose the tier and performance required, increasing complexity in decision making
Single tier for all storage reduces technical and commercial complexitiesCSPs can have multiple tiers with different SLAs
Focused on S3 object storageCSPs offer a variety of services, of which S3 Object Storage is only a part
Ten additional custom metadata tags option beyond standard metadataLimited metadata tagging
No charge for replication of data with a regionMoving data may not be possible and is usually chargeable 


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