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hyper-fast thunderbolt enabled shuttle raid delivering ssd speeds at hdd prices.

Take an already hyper-efficient Thunderbolt RAID and double its performance without compromising on cost or capacity. That’s exactly what you get with SymplySPARK XT.

The SymplySPARK is designed to deliver outstanding performance, reliability and capacity for media applications, and by adding Seagate MACH.2 hard drives the SPARK XT 4 Bay and 8 Bay storage solutions can deliver SSD speeds from an HDD array. MACH.2 drives use innovative Multi-Actuator technology to increase both read and write performance. Normal hard drives are, in construction, a series of platters with a read/write head (an actuator) flying over the top of them. MACH.2 drives add a second actuator to enable increased read/write actions with each revolution of the platter. In other words: doubling the performance. 

Find out more about Seagate MACH.2 and SPARK XT in this video

Game-Changing Performance 

MACH.2 HDDs really are what the future looks like for HDD storage, as HDD capacities continue to grow, which is leading to the performance per TB dropping. Multi-actuators deliver huge performance increases and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) as capacities increase. When it comes to the SPARK XT you immediately see the benefits. Each MACH.2 drive now has an 18 TB capacity, proving capacities of 72TB and 144TB in the 4 Bay and 8 Bay configurations respectively. 

And the performance is staggering. The 8 Bay SPARK XT can provide real-world performance of up to 2,900MB/s* reads and write speeds clocking in at 1,900MB/s* when tested with popular benchmarking tools from AJA, ATTO and Blackmagic.  The 4 Bay SPARK XT provides performance equal or exceeding that of its 8 Bay peers offering a compact high performance, high capacity and highly transportable Thunderbolt storage solution.   The SPARK XT provides more than enough performance for the most demanding workflows, VFX, simulation, and complex file ingest and delivery. 

This epic performance is truly game-changing reducing the need to trade off capacity and increase cost for SSD solutions, the SPARK XT provides equivalent SSD performance with hard drive capacities.  Not only does this unleash the creative abilities of post-production but it enables DITs to be more productive by dramatically increasing the speed at which content can be backup from camera cards on set.  Even with multiple copy jobs, the SPARK XT maintains levels of performance that leaves the competition in its dust. 

Why SPARK 8 Bay?

FeatureSPARK XT 8 Bay  SDP G-RAID 8  Areca ARC-8050T3-8 Promise R32 8 BayOWC Thunderbay 8
Robust all-metal build 
InterfacesThunderbolt 3 Thunderbolt 3 & USB 3.2 Thunderbolt 3 Thunderbolt 3 & USB 3.2Thunderbolt 3 
Hardware RAID Engine 
User Serviceable HDD, PSU & FAN
Library Quiet Not PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Carry Handle 
Lights Out Mode 
HDD Locking Pin 
MA HDD Support 
Kensington Lock 
Wheeled hard case, option? 
W x D x H mm 
150 x 240 x 318 175 x 245 x 385 146 x 302 x 290 187 x 245 x 310 180 x 260 x 240 
Weight  10.8kg 12.3kg 6.8kg (without HDDs) 11kg7.3kg 
Smaller and Lighter? n/aYesYesYesn/a

Why SPARK 4 Bay?

FeatureSPARK XT 4 BaySDP G-RAID 4  Areca ARC-8050T3U-4 Promise R32 4 Bay  OWC Thunderbay 4
Robust all-metal build 
InterfacesThunderbolt 3 Thunderbolt 3 & USB 3.2 Thunderbolt 3 & USB 3.2 Thunderbolt 3 & USB 3.2Thunderbolt 3 
Hardware RAID Engine 
User Serviceable HDD, PSU & FAN
Library Quiet Not PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Carry Handle 
Lights Out Mode 
HDD Locking Pin 
MA HDD Support 
Kensington Lock 
Wheeled hard case, option? 
W x D x H mm 
150 x 240 x 235 174 x 248 x 268 165 x 232 x 12 187 x 245 x 192 135 x 245 x 177 
Weight  7.16kg (with HDDs)7.16Kg (with HDDs)3.6kg (without HDDs) 6.8kg (with HDDs) 3.9kg (without HDDs) 

Field Serviceable 

We also know how important deadlines are – time is money, and nothing is worse than missing a deadline due to equipment failure. Beyond hard drive hot swap-ability, the SPARK XT allows fast replacement of fans and power supplies. No need to send the system back with your valuable content on it or wait for an exchange system to arrive. The optional SymplySAM (self-assisted maintenance kit) comes packed in its own transport case with full instructions that have you back up and running in minutes. And if you ever need it, professional Symply support is just an email or phone call away. 

SPARK Rack Kit 

Rack mounting your SPARK XT 8 Bay is easy with our custom rack kit. From on-set DITs to editors and sound mixers, the brand new 4RU SPARK Rack Kit is designed to make mounting your personal RAID solution a breeze. Go from desktop to rack in under five minutes thanks to our simple mounting options, and don’t fret about rack depth with moveable rack arms. 

Whether you’re backing up footage or creating cutdowns on location, or you’re inside a studio using an acoustically isolated rack solution SPARK XT is more versatile than ever. By leveraging our unique locking pin design, HDD trays remain in a secured position, while the power supply and fan are easily accessible for servicing.  

Built from a high-quality metal alloy – the SPARK Rack Kit won’t bend or warp. Extendable rack rails allow for various rack depths. 

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, Portable, and Rugged Design 
  • Whisper Quiet < 40dB, ideal for desktop use 
  • 4 or 8 hot swap drive bays, with 72TB or 144TB capacities 
  • MACH.2 drives for blistering performance 
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports for highest throughput, daisy chaining, and fast device charging 
  • Advanced field serviceable design for maximum uptime 
  • Fast, reliable RAID 5/6 Protection to prevent content loss and keep you working even in the unlikely event of a drive failure 
  • Premium 2m (6.5ft) Active Thunderbolt 3 Cable Included 
  • Includes SymplyLOCK, a Beautifully Machined Aluminium Thunderbolt Cable Locking  
  • Kensington Lock 
  • Optional high-quality, impact Resistant Wheeled Transport Case 
  • Optional 4RU Rackmount Kit (8 Bay Only) 
  • Optional SymplySAM (self-assisted maintenance kit) 
  • Supported by the Symply worldwide 5-year warranty and free lifetime and online support by trained media professionals. 

Technical Specifications

Capacities 72TB 144TB 
Number of Drive Bays48
RAID Level Support0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD 
Interface 2 x Thunderbolt3 with Device Charging  2 x Thunderbolt3 with Device Charging 
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 150 x 238 x 235 150 x 240 x 318 
Weight KGs 7.6kg 10.8kg 
Operating Environment 0°C – 40°C, 5% – 85% humidity (non-condensing) 0°C – 40°C, 5% – 85% humidity (non-condensing) 
OS Support macOS & Windows macOS & Windows  
Whisper Quiet < 40dB < 40dB 
Carry Handle Yes Yes 
User Servable HDD, PSU & FAN Yes Yes 
Kensington Lock Yes Yes 
Studio Mode LED Blackout LED Blackout 
Wheeled Transport Case  Optional  Optional  
Warranty  5 Years  5 Years  


AJA (4092×2160 4K-2160, 16GB, 10bit)2336 MB/Sec1896 MB/Sec
Blackmagic2240 MB/Sec1751 MB/Sec
ATTO DiskBench2952 MB/Sec1977 MB/Sec

*Please use performance metrics for guidance only. Symply cannot guarantee you will get the same numbers in your environment as results will vary based on your particular application, host computer system, data type, file sizes, and other variables such as concurrent system usage and third-party software working with the SPARK XT. But we can assure you SPARK XT is very, very fast! 


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