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Symply ADDR

Thunderbolt3 PCIE Expansion Systems

SymplyADDR series of IO expansion products the answer to providing needed IO expansion to today’s powerful notebook and desktop computers.

More than ever media professionals are choosing the convenience of portable and all-in-one computers. These systems deliver outstanding processing power but lack the expansion needed to accommodate specialized PCIe 3.0 cards used with high-speed storage and networks such as Fibre Channel or high-speed ethernet. With a simple Thunderbolt connection, users can take advantage of the latest PCIe IO cards and maintain the versatility and portability they desire. There’s a SymplyADDR for every need and budget:

SymplyADDR – Super compact design accommodating a single half-height PCie card

SymplyADDR PRO – Designed for the professional that needs full-height & half-length PCIe card support but still desires a compact package

SymplyADDR XT – Built to meet the needs of the most demanding users. A high-bandwidth design provides two fast, bi-directional Thunderbolt™3 ports for the speed and power needed by most power-hungry IO cards. ADDR XT supports up to four full length x16 PCIe 3.0 cards, or a single double width card and a single full or half length card.

SymplyADDR is the fastest, simplest way to add PCIe 3.0 expansion to notebooks and all-in-one desktop computers with Thunderbolt™3. Its stylish and compact desktop enclosure offers superior cooling and usability compared to other expansion systems. And the overall design blends well in modern desktop environments and with other SymplyFIRST products

Compact size and ease of hook up make SymplyADDR perfect for desktop use or for remote and on-set applications where space, power and heat are always a concern.

The SymplyADDR design allows you to utilize the full bandwidth out of your Thunderbolt™3 equipped workstation, notebook, or all-in-one.

No other expansion system offers this level of performance combined with lower noise and superior cooling.

Fully tested and optimized for media-centric expansion cards for Fibre Channel and high-speed ethernet connectivity, audio and video capture cards and even RAID controller cards. Fully approved by ATTO Technology for use with their entire line of PCIe storage adapters.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete line of expansion products to meet every user need
  • Compact size, superior cooling and whisper quiet fan fits nicely on any desktop
  • High bandwidth design allows full use of Thunderbolt performance
  • Rugged metal alloy enclosure ideal for desktop or on set use
  • Approved for use with all popular Media-centric PCI-e cards


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