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cloud optimized unstructured data management

NEBULA Fabric is a cloud-optimized unstructured data management platform that combines with SymplyNEBULA cloud storage.

Nebula Fabric is a scalable, wide area, unstructured data management services platform. It utilizes SymplyNEBULA to create an affordable, globally distributed, data storage mesh for cloud-based production, archive, and backup.

Fabric connects to multiple storage end points across facilities, remote and other cloud service providers (CSPs) to allow organizations to manage their unstructured data more securely and effectively with one comprehensive toolset and low cost cloud storage repository.

NEBULA Fabric, powered DNAfabric software from StorageDNA, is a scalable, data management services platform based on a clustered architecture designed for high volume cloud-based backup and disaster recovery for unstructured data workflows. Fabric provides management, metadata, and analytics services while wide area data managers provide data visibility and data mobility services to SymplyNEBULA where both object storage and high-capacity networks function as a single platform.

SymplyNEBULA is optimized for both small and large objects alike, providing a performant, highly durable, cloud storage platform, with predictable per-Terabyte costs. No egress fees. No API charges. No complicated fair usage policies.

NEBULA Fabric Supported Cloud File-Systems

Any open NFS/SMB file-system (e.g. Azure Files, AWS, EFS), 3rd party cloud file systems (e.g.Avid Nexis on Azure, Qumulo, SoftNAS/ZFS), and LucidLink.

NEBULA Fabric Supported NAS/SAN

NFS/SMB, Avid Nexis, Quantum StorNext, NetApp, Isilon, Qumulo, Facilis, SNS Evo, Scale Logic, EditShare, TrueNAS/ZFS and more.

NEBULA Fabric Architecture

The Fabric Controller installs on Linux CentOS 7.x+ and provides a central point of job and metadata management via a web interface. It manages the central job database, workflows, search, noSQL database and the analytics database. These databases can be hosted across one or more virtual or physical servers locally or in the cloud. The Fabric Controller can manage multiple Fabric Data Managers and scale as needed.

Data Managers can be installed on Linux CentOS 7.x+ or Mac OS 13.x+, and perform the tasks of indexing, analysis, syncing, moving, backup, archiving or tiering data. The Data Managers can be installed across central, on-premise, remote, or cloud machines, they maintain no state, communicating with the central Fabric Controller for job information, reporting metadata, and progress. Data Managers can be scaled to hundreds of systems as needed to provide hugely scalable services.

Feature and Benefits of NEBULA Fabric

  • Indexing and metadata extractions
  • Backup, archive, tier, and sync any file-system, or physical drives to SymplyNEBULA with verification
  • Accelerated Transfers to SymplyNEBULA via multipart uploads, multi-threading and object packing
  • NAS Scanning Tools including Ransomware, Deduplication, and Media corruptions scanning
  • Storage Analysis Tools
  • Avid, Adobe and Resolve Conform Tools
  • Snapshots, File-System Stubs, and automated File and Object Clean-up
  • AD and OKTA/SAML integration
  • Single Point of Management
  • Open Format

NEBULA Fabric with Avid workflows

NEBULA Fabric enables data tools to protect and manage Avid Nexis and EOD, as well as enabling data services at multiple levels of granularity including Projects, Bin and Workspaces.

Compatible with Avid Nexis and Avid EOD

  • Backup, and snapshots of Avid Media Workspaces to SymplyNEBULA
  • Backup, and snapshots of Avid Bin-Project to SymplyNEBULA
  • Avid Nexis and EOD Archiving with Stub-files
  • Multi-way replication with SymplyNEBULA cloud cache
  • Selective Retrievals via ALE
  • Ransomware protection
  • Open data and metadata


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