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symply nebula bridge

intelligent management for hybrid cloud workflows

NEBULA Bridge enables you to optimise your storage resources and accommodate growth by merging on-premises and cloud storage into one easy-to-manage entity.

How large should your storage be? At what rate does your data grow? How long will your hardware last? All these questions can be difficult to answer and getting the answers wrong leads to inefficiencies – either meeting only short-term needs or purchasing more hardware than is actually required.

NEBULA Bridge connects your locally stored data with your SymplyNEBULA cloud storage while preserving native, non-proprietary formats to ensure transparent access to the cloud. This avoids vendor lock-in and is the foundation of a more flexible, long-term strategy. Any data written into SymplyNEBULA via NEBULA Bridge is accessible via any standard S3 tool. So no more hidden costs.

Features and Benefits

  • No costly vendor lock-in
  • Connect your local data with SymplyNEBULA cloud storage while preserving its native, non-proprietary format to ensure transparent access
  • Instant access to cloud storage and software requires no additional hardware or virtual appliances.
  • Install and configure in minutes.
  • Integrate at file system/network share level and operate in the background to replicate data to the cloud.
  • Handle data sets of any size
  • Optimised for demanding workflows.
  • Clear and easy-to-understand price per TB pricing model
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Usage Models

File Access for Cloud Storage

Seamlessly extend your file or NAS storage into SymplyNEBULA cloud. While your team is working, business as usual, policies operate transparently in the background to replicate your data to the cloud. Your workflows can remain unchanged throughout the entire process.

Partial Upload and Download

Improve playback performance for high-resolution media stored in the cloud – the files your team needs open instantly.


Enhance your digital transformation strategy. Benefit from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the cloud with transparent access to shared organizational data in cost-effective SymplyNEBULA cloud storage.

Multi-site Sync

Avoid the complexities of VPN services. Enable multiple offices to collaborate using the same data set by building a cloud-enabled distributed storage infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Enable mission-critical operations to resume immediately in the event of a natural disaster, human error or ransomware attack. Achieve Continuous Data Protection with versioning control in the cloud.

Continuous Data Protection

NEBULA Bridge replicates every version of every file to the cloud, moments after being modified. The process is organic and provides infinite restore points. NEBULA Bridge does not need to walk the file system, create bulky snapshots, or make copies of the same files over and over again, meaning less data needs to be stored overall. In combining our versioning capabilities, high data durability, optional data immutability settings, and replication between our geos, NEBULA Bridge provides a comprehensive air-gapped solution that is safe and robust to protect against ransomware and other forms of disaster.

Cloud Migration

Ensure your transition from on-premises to SymplyNEBULA cloud storage is as smooth as possible by adopting a hybrid approach. Migrate large data sets over a longer period without any downtime.


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