Webinar Wednesday Recap - SymplyULTRA and axle

A fantastic webinar covering SymplyULTRA, how Symply packs 12U of workspace collaboration into only 2U, SymplyRTM management demo, axle demo and more. Click to watch now!

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The Better Workspace for Media Production




SymplyULTRA Is Here!

The Symply Better Workspace For Media Production
No compromise workflow storage

  • Faster – 4K, HDR - No problem
  • Easier – Deploy in minutes - Manage worldwide
  • Industry leading –Powered by StorNext 5™
  • Compact 2U all-in-one design delivers powerful SAN and NAS capabilities
  • Exclusive Symply 5x5 Warranty - Worry-free 5 years hardware and software support, no hidden costs*

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SymplyULTRA Is Here!

The Past

The Future

SymplyULTRA Is Here!

The Symply Better Workspace for Media Production

ULTRA Flexible Design

Low-Cost 10GbE Collaboration
Low Cost, Fast SMB, NFS Connectivity

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48TB from $ 19,995 MSRP

SymplyULTRA Is Here!

A workspace for every workflow


SymplyULTRA Rear View


SymplyULTRA Expansion Rear View

SymplyULTRA Is Here!

Built on an ultra-modern, ultra-fast and ultra-capable storage platform, field-proven RAID storage, and an integrated and seamless blending of Fibre Channel and Ethernet sharing, SymplyULTRA can be adapted as your needs and workflows change - all effortlessly monitored and managed with SymplyRTM software.

Here, you get all the redundancy, performance, and capability of an 8U rack system in a modern, highly-integrated 2U system, ensuring everything works together for optimal efficiency.

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SymplyULTRA Is Here!

ULTRA Fast Performance

  • Optimized for 4K, 8K, high frame rate and HDR workflows Capacity and performance are scalable together of individually based on configuration
  • Hard drive and Solid state disk volumes can be mixed to meet varying levels of performance in larger workgroups
  • Fibre Channel and IP (Ethernet) clients can share the same StorNext 5™ volume
  • Virtualized RAID Kernel design provides super fast disk rebuild without sacrificing on-line performance
  • SymplyRTM Real Time Management software suite provides real-time analytics measurement of throughput and latency per system, per volume, per disk

SymplyULTRA Is Here!

The Symply Better Workspace For Media Production

What is Media Workspace - and why is it needed?

Modern media workflows involve many processes, from Ingest to WIP, to Delivery, and Archive. With tighter deadlines and lower production costs, we are often asked to do more for less. In many cases processes are being completed following antiquated linear or analog approaches. This is often the case because the workflow is dictated by the tools being used. Today finding great and inexpensive software suites is not the problem, but maintaining an inflexible storage infrastructure is. Far too often this is a result of many iterations of the infrastructure being layered on as storage capacity and performance needs change. It gets to the point where it actually limits creativity and productiveness. This situation is rampant in media production environments from Post to broadcast and experienced often where in-house production is done.

Media Workspace is a modern approach to the problem that eliminates the compromises production teams need to make in order to meet new production needs such as 4K, HDR, and multiple resolution ingest and delivery requirements. By removing the roadblocks associated with a one size fits all connectivity strategy, and "bolt-on" or "purpose-built" solutions, you can end the constant progression of disruptive upgrades and management of mis-matched storage systems.

The SymplyULTRA Media Workspace makes modernizing your workflow easy and provides simpler and easier deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, to ensure you never have to turn away work, or miss deadlines. The versatile SymplyULTRA design lets you choose the right interconnectivity, performance, and capacity you need today and in the future, and with a single at-a-glance management console, you can manage and configure your workspace from around the office or around the world. And, keeping everything running at peak efficiency has never been easier using SymplyRTM (Real Time Management). Best of all, SymplyULTRA is affordable to own and provides the power of the industry's best sharing software, Quantum StorNext 5™, which is embedded in SymplyULTRA.


Unlocking creativity on a deadline just got a whole lot easier


When storage fits your workflow - you have the confidence to tackle even the toughest assignments