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Welcome to Symply – Pioneers in Modern Data Storage Solutions

Since our inception in 2016, Symply has been dedicated to revolutionizing digital data storage for the media and entertainment industry. Our journey began with a simple philosophy: to design and build the most innovative workflow-enhancement and storage solutions available.

Headquartered in the historic University City of Cambridge, UK, with a global presence, we continue to lead the way in cutting-edge technology and customer-centric service.

At Symply, we recognized early on that traditional data storage solutions were failing to keep pace with the evolving needs of modern businesses. With data sizes expanding exponentially and teams becoming increasingly decentralized, the demands on storage infrastructure have never been greater. That’s why we’ve taken a forward-thinking approach, focusing not just on what businesses want, but on what they truly need.

Our product portfolio reflects this commitment to innovation and practicality. From high-performance portable storage for data acquisition to collaborative storage solutions that empower teamwork, we offer a comprehensive range of options tailored to meet every need. Our lineup also includes the widest selection of LTO products for reliable backup, archive, and cold storage, safeguarded against malware and ransomware with air-gapped protection.

For those seeking the flexibility of cloud storage without hidden costs, Symply provides performant Public Cloud storage with predictable pricing and no egress charges. And for businesses that prefer to keep their data on-premises, our On-Prem S3 Storage (Private Cloud) solutions offer scalable, immutable backups and active archives, starting from 10s TB and scaling up to 10s PB and beyond.

At Symply, we understand that the success of our customers measures our success. That’s why we’re committed to delivering unparalleled personal attention to every client, ensuring that their unique needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Ready to elevate your data storage experience? Build your digital empire with Symply’s robust suite of storage solutions. From high-performance data acquisition to secure archival, our tools lay the foundation for industry-leading innovation and creativity. Connect, collaborate, and conquer with Symply by your side.


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