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Ethernet-connected lto

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Find your perfect storage solution with Symply

Scalable storage that's built to be used

We went back to basics to create SymplyFirst - a family of products designed to answer the storage challenges of modern data.

File sizes are getting larger, datasets more complex, and teams are decentralizing. The way we access and use data has never been more different, with huge leaps forwards in methodology over the last decade. But the hardware we rely on has been left behind, still built on principles from an age where data was nowhere near as integral as it is now. Which is why, when we designed our new range, we went right back to basics. We asked what businesses need - not just want they want. And we looked at how storage platforms are used versus how they could be used. 

Since we launched SymplyFIRST in 2021 we've released a whole range of new, innovative storage solutions from on-set data capture and transport to in-facility S3 native scalable storage. Make sure you have a look around!


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