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SymplyPRO LTO 2U – Rackmount Thunderbolt LTO-9

SymplyPRO 2RU Thunderbolt LTO rack delivers enterprise performance and reliability with Full-Height LTO drives in a unique robust and stylish metal alloy enclosure, utilizing a dual-drive design featuring Symply CableLess technology, making it highly serviceable and upgradeable.  With dual fans for optimum cooling, a premium power supply, the Rackmount systems include two Thunderbolt 3 ports for daisy chaining and fast device charging. SAS Expansion Port and SAS Host Port in case you need to connect to another LTO SAS device, to your Thunderbolt-equipped computer, or use it with a SAS host interface. SymplyPRO 2RU is designed for years of trouble-free service, and fully supports LTFS and all leading backup and archive software applications. 



What is included?
1 or 2 Full-Height LTO Drive(s) using Symply CableLess technology, 2x Thunderbolt 3 Ports (with device charging), 1x SAS Expansion Port (SFF-8644), 1x SAS Host Port (SFF-8644), 1x Data Cartridge, 1x Cleaning Cartridge, 1x 2m Active Thunderbolt3 Cable, 1x SymplyLOCK, 1x Rack-Kit, 1x Power Cable,
1x Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty

$482 p/m



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