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February 13, 2024

QNAP NAS with SymplyPRO SAS LTO and Archiware P5

How to backup and archive from a QNAP NAS with SymplyPRO LTO and Archiware P5 

QNAP is well known for providing on-premises network-attached storage and innovative software solutions. Although all the QNAP can protect against data loss from failed drives, and also QNAP supports replication between local and remote systems, by adding LTO to their environments customers can further protect against data loss, and free up capacity by archiving cold data. 

The causes of data loss take many forms, corrupted data or file systems, failed drives or devices, sadly malicious and ransomware attacks are increasingly common, and of course, there is always good old human error. LTO (Linear Tape Open) is an excellent long-time storage strategy, it is highly resilient and open format and has an extremely low cost, and carbon footprint, but critically it provides an “air-gap” to protect against ransomware and other malicious attack. 

Check out this video from QNAP to see how easy it is to add cost-effective air-gapped data protection to their NAS with the addition of SymplyPRO SAS LTO and Archiware P5. 


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