The Symply team took a long hard look at the state of the backup archive market, and compared it to what users were asking us for daily in affordable and rugged personal desktop and rack mounted systems. The conclusion was that other vendors were missing a number of important pieces that would make daily use easier, faster, and better. There was no doubt that LTO technology was the right choice to start with, but everything else needed to be a ground up effort.

So we started with a clean slate. We already had direct access to the LTO tape mechanism from the leading manufacturer in the field, which also includes direct access to their engineering and support teams, and we knew they would be our partners in innovation with the latest LTO-9 technology and beyond.

We started with customer needs. We wanted to deliver unmatched ease of use and performance, and we knew we could achieve that goal, but also needed to be environmentally friendly, starting with advanced all metal alloy materials for our enclosure, low power consumption electronics designs, and a limited amount of plastic both in our products and in our packaging.

Once we were satisfied with our environmentally friendly approach we concentrated on reliability, performance, usability and ease of use. To achieve this we implemented a number of innovative ideas we learned from years of research and development designing enterprise-level products.

Where It Started

We started with reliability, usability, and serviceability. These key concerns are addressed through-out our design. One excellent example is the SymplyCableLess. Our unique cable free backplane design that not only eliminates cable, crimp connector and vibration failures, but allows fast and simple insertion and removal of LTO drives, for transport and easier serviceability. This advanced design is implemented in all our Rack-mounted systems and dual-drive desktops. This feature was requested by leading film and Video studios utilizing LTO technology remotely. Their outdated fixed drive design suffered from early and frequent failures due to the vibration and rough handling experienced in shipping rack mounted systems for on-set and remote location use. With our advanced design these problems are a thing of the past as the drive can be quickly removed and placed in a padded shipping case and safely transported. The additional benefit of faster and easier serviceability is something any user can take advantage of regardless of the application.

The other area we felt needed to be addressed and finally done right is ease of operation, troubleshooting and guaranteed compatibility.

We handled compatibility first. Our systems are available in either approved SAS connectivity or approved Thunderbolt connectivity on both macOS and Windows operating systems. In fact many of our systems support both. This along with support for every popular LTO and LTFS archive and backup utility give SymplyLTO the widest range of compatibility possible.


When we approached ease of use and operation, it became clear that there was significant room for improvement in what was in the market. We put our engineering team to work and the result was beyond our expectations. After a year in development we had the simplest and most effective tape management toolset available. We call it SymplyATOM (Advanced Tape Operations and Management). This simple yet effective application runs natively on both macOS and Windows. Casual and expert users will feel equally comfortable with its intuitive and informative interface. ATOM provides all the basic functions users often want to perform quickly and easily. These include: Tape ID and Info, tape format, and LTFS mount and unmount. Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting features help quickly identify problems and apply firmware updates as needed. Automated log retrieval and extensive context sensitive help and advice round out the benefits of ATOM.

Of course we don’t anticipate you will ever have a problem with your symplyLTO, but if you ever do, our 3 years warranty and service portal are there to provide the best experience possible. For users that need more, we offer an upgrade to 5 years of warranty protection for ultimate peace of mind.