NOW SHIPPING! Pegasus3 Series

Next generation of industry-leading Pegasus desktop RAID

FAST - features Thunderbolt™3 - up to 40 Gb/s
Capacities and configurations to meet any need
Powerful SymplyGO software for storage management
Ideal for video editing and high resolution media applications

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From the leader and originator of Thunderbolt™ bridge technology

Next Generation Network connectivity for Thunderbolt™3 Macs
Fibre Channel and Ethernet models designed to provide the performance needed for the most demanding media workflows and creative applications

SANLink 3 FC Connects fast 40Gb/s Thunderbolt™3 to Dual 16G Fibre Channel ports. Fastest, most reliable and affordable Thunderbolt™3 to SAN connection available

SANLink 3 NBASE-T1 Connects fast 40Gb/s Thunderbolt™3 to a single NBASE-T1 port. Multigigabit speeds and Thunderbolt™3 bus powered for maximum efficiency and affordability

Pegasus2 Series

World's first and fastest Thunderbolt tm 2 desktop RAID storage solution

Desktop and portable RAID storage for rich media
Fast 20 Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 speed
Seamless edit and playback of HD and 4K content
Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy chaining
Multiplatform ready, OS X and Windows

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High-performance storage for content creators

  • This is a test
  • SymplySHARE ready
  • Low cost – high performance
  • Expandable up to 64TB

SymplySTOR is the ultimate in high-performance storage for content creators. Fast, fluid, friendly, and highly-flexible Thunderbolt storage at the right price. Ready for any project from basic media production to uncompressed 4k and higher-definition content creation.

With up to 64TB of RAID storage, SymplySTOR has the capacity and performance for your most demanding creative tasks - HD video editing and audio/video finishing delivered over high-performance, low-latency Thunderbolt.

  • 4 HDD or 8 SSD in compact system
  • 8 HDD or 16 SSD in full size system
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Apple ready
  • OS X, Windows, iOS, & watchOS native management suite
  • Easily transportable for remote use (Pelican case #1460 compatible)

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The Xsan RAID Storage Workhorse

High-performance, rack-optimized storage
Optimized for rich media applications
64TB capacity in 4U rack space
Affordably scalable to hundreds of TBs
Highly reliable and Apple-qualified for best Xsan performance

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Insanely fast shared storage for the small workgroup

Finally . . . fast and personal collaboration for cutting-edge creative teams is here. SymplySHARE is the first 100% Xsan compatible ’Plug & Go’ solution.

SymplyShare is like nothing you’ve ever seen – insanely fast desktop shared storage for creative users. No complicated separate metadata networking to setup and no Fibre Channel storage connections to manage!

Connect up to 8 Thunderbolt workstations and 20 10Gb IP users to your SymplySHARE, configure your environment, and instantly share up to 128TB of storage seamlessly for unmatched creative collaborative power.

Thunderbolt users can crank through 4K and higher definition editing and finishing as a team without waiting around for file handoff. IP users have a simplified connection for graphics preview and review.

Includes Symply’s innovative management and monitoring suite for OS X, Windows, iOS, and watchOS.

  • 100% Xsan and StorNext compatible collaborative environment
  • Fastest shared storage ideal for HD workflows at a fraction of the price of other systems
  • Thunderbolt 2 & 3 performance
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Symply ‘always up-to-date’ software

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VTrak A-Class

The all-in-one storage appliance for rich media

Fast Quad 8Gb Fibre Channel connectivity
IP CIFS, NFS, SMB sharing ready
Highly-scalable to hundreds of TBs
Reliable and fully redundant
High Availability
Promise VTrak A-class is a smart choice for media pros

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Facility level collaboration for large workgroups

  • True facility-level collaboration for large workgroups powered by StorNext
  • Industry first front panel communication system

For modern creative teams, a single SymplyPRO fits in only 4U of rackspace and provides fast, easy, no-compromise workgroup collaboration from HD to 4k and beyond. Users can simultaneously work on Fibre Channel or IP for maximum flexibility matching their performance requirements.

Using Symply’s intuitive tools on OS X, Windows, iOS, and watchOS, setting up and using SymplyPRO could not be easier.

  • Complete StorNext 5 workflow in a single 4U system
  • Integrated storage, client, and system management in Symply ‘always-up-to-date’ software
  • Simple guided setup
  • High-availability design with field replaceable modules
    - Redundant SSD metadata volumes built-in
    - Redundant RAID controllers
    - Redundant power and cooling
  • Seamless Fibre Channel and IP Connectivity
  • 24 drives and 192TB per SymplyPRO, expandable up to 768TB with expansion system
  • Quad 16Gb Fibre Channel, and 10Gb IP per controller
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Symply ‘always up-to-date’ software

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World’s first Thunderbolt tm 2 Fibre Channel/Ethernet bridge

Allows Thunderbolt 2 computers to connect to a Fibre Channel SAN
Fast 16Gb Fibre Channel connectivity for demanding high-resolution workflows
Easy to use – ideal for creative professionals
Fully certified by Apple for OS X
Hassle free – quiet and cool running with minimal desktop footprint

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Powerful RAID storage for demanding media workflows

  • Ideal for Xsan, StorNext and other media workflows
  • High-density rack-optimized design packs 24 drives in 4U for maximum space efficiency
  • Up to 768TB of online storage via SymplyRAID using SymplyRAID expansion systems
  • Intuitive remote management through native OSX, Windows, iOS and watchApp
  • Optimized for 4K and high-resolution, for current and future content needs
  • Xsan and StorNext ready
  • Fast quad 16Gb Fibre Channel connectivity
  • High-availability RAID – redundant power, cooling, and RAID controllers
  • 3-year warranty with overnight defective component replacement

SymplyRAID is the go-to solution for large scale facility storage. Delivering high throughput, low latency, and massive capacity. Whether you’re building out shared storage for your Xsan or StorNext environment or need fast RAID storage for media workflows, Symply RAID delivers. Deploying Symply RAID is easy too, using Symply’s intuitive and friendly storage management and monitoring software systems can be installed in minutes.

SymplyRAID’s design matches proven RAID controller and RAID software architecture currently in use by cutting-edge media and entertainment creatives around the world, and it’s fully supported by Symply’s team of media, storage, and workflow experts 24/7.

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Symply, Inc. proudly assumes all sales responsibilities for all Promise rich media products throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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