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YoYotta v4 Software for macOS

YoYotta software. Workflow for production and post. Fast archive and verification of camera cards and drives, create comprehensive media reports.


YoYotta software is for the macOS and is available as a 3-year or 5-year subscription from Symply.


A YoYotta license can be installed on one Mac computer at a time. You can uninstall the license from one Mac and install it on a different Mac as often as required. An internet connection is required during the license transfer process. Once your Mac is licensed, it no longer requires an internet connection. This allows you to work seamlessly without worrying about connectivity issues.


There is no automatic renewal. When a subscription expires the YoYotta app can still be used to browse project snapshots and export reports.


To run new jobs the user will need to purchase a new YoYotta subscription.

$71.25 p/m



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