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SymplySPARK XT Desktop 8 Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID

When it comes to SymplySPARK XT you immediately see the benefits. Each MACH.2 drive has a 14 TB capacity. SPARK XT ships with eight drives arranged in RAID 5, delivering 98 TB of configured capacity.

And its performance is staggering. Testing with popular benchmarking tools from AJA, ATTO and Blackmagic can report read speeds of up to 2,952 MB/s and write speeds clocking in at 1,977 MB/s. In real-world usage sustained read and write speeds of ~2000 MB/s can be expected*. More than enough for the most demanding 8K+ workflows, VFX, simulation, and complex file ingest and delivery.

$425 p/m



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