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April 22, 2022

Workflow solutions: Symply at NAB

It’s exciting to be back at the world’s biggest conference for the media and entertainment industry. And we’ve come armed with the very latest in storage workflow technology.

In Q4 last year we were proud to launch SymplyFIRST – our new family of RAID, backup, archive, and cloud storage solutions. We were the world’s first to market with LTO-9 Full Height drives in the new SymplyLTO range, and quickly followed that with LTO-9 Half Height – another world first. What’s more, we’re also the only device manufacturer out there to be using Seagate’s MACH.2 HDDs in a shuttle RAID solution – the SymplySPARK XT – to deliver SSD speeds in a hard disk drive system without compromising on price or capacity.

NAB, for us, comes at a fantastic time. Come by booth N1937 to see why.

The last few months have seen the SymplyFIRST family bed into facilities around the world. SymplySPARK has been used by everyone from major colorists through to indie filmmakers to deliver incredible projects. Each of them benefitting dramatically from SPARK’s incredible performance, and SPARK XT’s blisteringly fast read and write speeds.SymplyLTO, too, has had an amazing reception. Our Thunderbolt-enabled solutions offer innovative features including power delivery and integrated SSD bays for the ultimate DIT setup.

Hyper-efficient workflow

But it’s when these products are used in concert with the rest of your workflow that they really shine. 

Recently, at the UK’s BSC event, we showcased SymplyDIT LTO working with LaCie’s 1big Dock SSD Pro for a practically perfect media offload solution. The 1big Dock features a USB hub and built-in CF and SD readers. When daisy chained into the SymplyDIT LTO what you get is a series of backup and archive tools all on the same Thunderbolt connection, which improves transfer speed and efficiency. Our team was using RED MINI-MAGs connected into the 1big Dock and were moving footage around onto LTO tape, portable SSDs, and even directly onto a SymplySPARK XT.

It really is the ultimate workflow for footage offload. One connection, three devices, three copies. Which is convenient given most production companies are demanding a robust 3-2-1-1 backup process (three copies, two different types of media, one at a remote location, one offline). With a SymplyFIRST backup process all three copies can be made simultaneously when using proper software tools such as Hedge Canister, YoYotta, or Archiware P5.

By utilizing the correct approach you can be certain that your data remains safe and backed up at all times. Find out more about how you can deploy Symply tools into your workflow – just drop us a line at and we’ll give you a bespoke consultation. Or if you’re at NAB this year swing by our booth, N1937, for a live demo.


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