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January 22, 2022

Ultra-fast personal desktop RAID

Here at Symply we’ve worked hard to develop one of the world’s best personal desktop RAID solutions: the SymplySPARK XT.

SPARK is part of our full-featured SymplyFIRST product suite and, while there’s a standard version suitable for most media users, it’s the XT where this powerhouse comes into its own. By leveraging Seagate’s multi-actuator HDD technology, the SPARK XT is able to deliver 112 TB capacity with SSD-like speeds at hard drive system price. An ATTO DiskBench test shows read speeds of 2,952 MB/Sec and write speeds clocking in at 1,977 MB/Sec, with real world performance seeing smooth sustained playback of demanding 4K and 8K video sequences. You can see more benchmarking tests on the SPARK tech specs page.

It’s also equipped with a series of innovations to make it all the more appealing. Users are able to field service the SPARK themselves – replacing not only the drives, but the power supply and fan as well. SPARK features a single, large fan to provide efficient cooling throughout the tower. There’s a robust metal enclosure and the unit ships in an impact-resistant wheeled carry case by NANUK for ease of transportation. Perfect for media professionals working in the studio or on location.


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