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October 11, 2023

The next step for Canister

Hedge Announces New Releases for macOS and Windows

In a recent development, Hedge, the creator of Canister, has unveiled two significant releases, marking a new chapter in their journey as a leading software provider. Following last week’s successful OffShoot release, they are taking a bold step by ensuring its products are fully compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

The latest update not only brings substantial improvements to Canister on macOS but also introduces Canister for Windows, aligning with Symply’s commitment to eliminate any vendor lock-in for their customers. The end goal is to achieve parity between Windows and macOS, giving users the freedom to choose their preferred computing platform. 

Many people (wrongly) assume Hedges’ macOS and Windows apps share codebases simply because that’s the case with apps like Premiere Pro, Resolve, and Scratch. That approach has a clear downside: you can’t craft beautiful user interfaces and experiences if you can only use what works on both operating systems. To make the most of an app, tune it to what the OS gives you. As a result, Hedge’s apps, do not share code, emphasizing a shared vision and interface design instead. This approach, though time-consuming and resource-intensive, is a testament to their dedication to delivering the best user experience possible. 

A Brief Look Back

Canister’s journey began in early 2017 to bring the same level of usability and design excellence to LTO (Linear Tape-Open) storage as Canister had already achieved with its backup solutions. With a little guidance from the dev team at Symply, Canister evolved to become the innovative software it is today. 

Canister quickly gained recognition for its ability to deliver the usability that LTO technology had always promised but struggled to provide. By addressing the challenges of LTO storage, Canister changed the game for users and garnered praise for its sleek interface and design. 

Canister for Windows: A New Era

The release of Canister for Windows is a result of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to providing a seamless experience on both major operating systems. While Canister for Windows is missing some features available on macOS, such as Spanning and support for simultaneous transfers, Hedge is actively working to bring these features to the Windows version. Canister’s driver manager, Preflight Checks, was designed out of a need for better driver installation on macOS, but it is less necessary on Windows, where installing LTO drivers is a smoother process. 

Hedge plans to add the missing features in future updates while also working on features that can be delivered simultaneously on both platforms, enhancing the user experience. 

Introducing Connect

In a recent update, Canister unveiled the third iteration of Connect, an online dashboard where users can track transfer progress in real-time and receive push notifications when transfers are complete. Connect is accessible from desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing users with the flexibility to monitor their operations remotely. 

By introducing Connect, Hedge ensures that users are no longer tethered to their workstations during transfers. This feature allows users to monitor LTO transfers remotely, providing peace of mind and a frictionless experience. 

The Future of LTO

LTO technology, often viewed as a relic of the past, is proving its vitality in the modern data storage arena. LTO-9’s Sept 2021 release offered a substantial 18TB, has turned heads, and LTO-10 set to increase capacities again to 35TB native. These significant capacity increases demonstrate that LTO is very much alive and evolving alongside cutting-edge NVMe technology. 

Notably, LTO has adapted over the years, transitioning from SAS to Thunderbolt connectivity. Now, the industry is pushing the envelope further by introducing Ethernet-connected LTO appliances. This innovation brings cost-efficiency and convenience to the forefront. With Ethernet, users can relocate their LTO drive to a machine room while keeping their computer, whether it’s a NUC or Mac Mini, on their desk. This setup eliminates the desk clutter and the need to constantly access the machine room for connections. 

In a constantly shifting data storage landscape, LTO technology’s resilience and adaptability shine through. The addition of Ethernet connectivity enhances its versatility, ensuring that LTO remains a relevant and practical choice for professionals seeking efficient data storage solutions. 

Upgrading and Updating

As always, Canister provides updates for all existing licenses eligible for support. Users can simply click the ‘updates available’ ribbon to access the latest enhancements and features. For those unsure of their license status, Canister provides clear notifications during the updating process and offers options for extending support. 

New Canister licenses, starting from today, include compatibility with both macOS and Windows. Existing Canister license holders looking to switch to Windows or use both operating systems can easily add Windows compatibility for a nominal fee. 


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