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September 5, 2023

Symply Unveils Ethernet-connected LTO

The SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances enable Acceleration and De-centralisation of Data Protection   

Cambridge, Great Britain – 5th September 2023Symply, a pioneering technology company specializing in professional storage solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new range of cutting-edge LTO appliances with Ethernet connectivity that expands the SymplyPRO family. Designed for Ethernet-based and Hyper-converged environments including media & entertainment, enterprises and datacentres, the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances provide secure, shared access to LTO tape drives over a 10Gb Ethernet network.

Elevating Data Protection with Network Efficiency  

By deploying the appliances on a network, organizations can reduce reliance on dedicated and expensive servers by dispersing and de-centralising data protection tasks with readily available high-speed access to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology.  

Unparalleled Configuration Flexibility  

SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances are available with half-height LTO drives in single and dual-drive desktop and 1RU configurations, with 2RU rackmount configurations featuring full-height LTO drives offering native performance up to 400MB/sec per drive. Dual 10Gb Ethernet SFP+ interfaces offer flexibility in network connectivity. The appliance can support either an additional two LTO drives via a SymplyPRO SAS LTO making a total of four LTOs, or the appliance can be connected to a LTO tape library installed with one or two LTO drives, providing maximum flexibility. 

The Heart of Performance: A Potent ARM Processor  

At the core of these appliances lies a potent ARM processor, enabling lightning-fast command processing and data traversal on distinct pathways. This results in maximum block transfer sizes to the LTO drives across the Ethernet network, while integrated data acceleration technology ensures optimal performance without straining host system compute resources. Resultantly, SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances provide a remarkable 20% performance increase over conventional SAS-connected LTO drives. With dedicated Dual 10Gb Ethernet network connectivity, client systems can achieve aggregated performance of up to 2,000MB/sec when reading from or writing to the LTO appliances.  

Your Pathway to Enterprise-Class LTO Storage  

“Our vision for these new Ethernet-connected appliances is to make enterprise-class LTO storage readily accessible for organizations of all sizes,” said Keith Warburton, CEO of Symply. “By moving LTO to a dedicated Ethernet fabric, a user experiences a new level of performance, scalability, and dispersed ease of use for important data protection initiatives.”  

Key features of the new SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances include: 

  • Dual 10Gb Ethernet SFP+ modular connectivity   
  • Powerful ARM processor for optimized performance and reduced host-CPU load  
  • Up to 2,000MB/sec aggregate performance across 10Gb networks  
  • Built-in LTFS support for easy data interoperability  
  • Support for leading Data Protection ISVs 
  • Intuitive interface and diagnostics for easy setup and troubleshooting  

The new SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances are available to order now starting at $7999 and can be seen on the Symply stand at IBC 2023, Hall 7, Stand C21.

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About Symply: 

Symply is a forward-thinking, dynamic technology company based in Cambridge, Great Britain, specializing in cutting-edge storage solutions. With a dedication to innovation, performance, and security, Symply continues to redefine data management for creative professionals, businesses, and enterprises worldwide. 

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