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February 24, 2022

Symply Spark Rack Kit

Rackmounting your SymplySPARK just became easier with the introduction of our custom rack kit.

From on-set DITs to editors and sound mixers, the brand new 4U SymplySPARK Rack Kit is designed to make mounting your personal RAID solution a breeze. Go from desktop to rack in under five minutes thanks to our simple mounting options, and don’t fret about rack depth with moveable rack arms.

Whether you’re backing up footage or creating cutdowns on location, or you’re inside a studio using an acoustically isolated rack solution SymplySPARK is more versatile than ever. By leveraging our unique locking pin design, HDD trays remain in a secured position, while the power supply and fan are easily accessible for servicing. Built from a high quality metal alloy – just like the rest of the SymplyFIRST family – the SymplySPARK Rack Kit won’t bend or warp, and will hold the SymplySPARK in place. Extendable rack rails allow for various rack depths as well, so you can use the same mounting system across any standard rack solution.

SymplySPARK is our unique personal RAID that comes in capacities of up to 144 TB. And there’s a 112 TB version built with Seagate’s MACH.2 HDDs to deliver SSD speeds at a more cost effective price point.

Find out more about SymplySPARK or contact us to place your order today.


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