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November 24, 2021

Symply expands premium LTO tape lineup with LTO-9 Half Height drives

Symply, a leader in media-centric shared storage solutions, has announced today the world’s first Thunderbolt 3 and SAS enabled LTO-9 Half Height desktop and rack storage devices.

With the broadest portfolio of LTO solutions in the market, including a compact half-height LTO-9 SAS Desktop, the new products level up LTO archiving workflow in media, IT and research pipelines with advanced connectivity, a unique feature set, and dedicated software toolkit.

LTO-9 with 18 TB native capacity (45 TB compressed) Symply has been working on a line up of LTO-9 Half Height drives as part of its SymplyFIRST family, providing an alternative to their Full Height counterparts where space is at a premium and Full Height performance note required. This follows on from Symply’s launch of LTO-9 Full Height drives, already in use worldwide

As a full product suite SymplyFIRST gives users a wide array of options for data management, from personal desktop RAID through to tape archiving and expansion products. The new LTO-9 Half Height devices sit alongside Symply’s existing LTO products to answer specific industry needs such as on-set archiving of rushes, studio-based content offloading, or robust backups for enterprise businesses.

“Half Height LTO-9 is an incredibly powerful backup and archive medium,” comments Nick Warburton, VP Symply. “It’s great to have such a strong working relationship with the IBM OEM tape team and to be the first out of the starting gate with a line of full-featured LTO-9 systems.”

Pre-Order now for shipping Worldwide on 3rd December 2021. Symply LTO-9 Half-Height portfolio starts from 4999USD / 3899GBP / 4599EUR

LTO-9 Half Height Features

LTO-9 Half Height drives deliver the same 300 MB/s speed as their LTO-8 siblings, but with the much larger capacities of LTO-9 tapes in a space saving form factor at a more cost-effective price point. Coming in single or dual drive desktop and rack configurations, Symply LTO-9 Half Height devices provide several key differentiators, including a comprehensive warranty, premium power supply, whisper-quiet operation, cableless technology, all-metal-alloy enclosure, an extensive online knowledge base, help desk, and world-class support.

Capacity (Native / Compressed)Speed (Native / Compressed)Loads / Unloads cycles
LTO-9 Half Height18 TB / 45 TB300 / 750 MB/s80,000
LTO-9 Full Height18 TB / 45 TB400 / 900 MB/s300,000
LTO-8 Half Height12 TB / 30TB300 / 750 MB/s80,000

Symply LTO-9 Half Height is available in;

SymplyLTO Compact Desktop SAS HH LTO-9 TAA
SymplyPRO LTO Desktop Thunderbolt 3 & SAS HH LTO-9 TAA
SymplyDIT LTO Desktop Thunderbolt 3 & SAS HH LTO-9 TAA
SymplyPRO LTO XTH Desktop Thunderbolt 3 & SAS HH 1xLTO-9 Removable TAA
SymplyDIT LTO XTH Desktop Thunderbolt 3 & SAS HH 1xLTO-9 Removable TAA
SymplyPRO LTO 1RU Thunderbolt 3 & SAS HH 1xLTO-9 Removable TAA
SymplyLTO 1RU SAS HH 1xLTO-9 Removable TAA
Symply LTO-9 HH Drive upgrade for 1U Rackmount TAA
Symply LTO-9 HH Drive upgrade for Desktop XTH TAA

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