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April 25, 2023

Symply at NAB Las Vegas

It was great to be back at NAB!

It is amazing to us that so many creative professionals are not aware of LTO Tape, and the benefits that it can bring to their workflows for backup and archive.  It is as if LTO is a secret society, known only to a few, who reap the benefits of the technology, At Symply, we are dedicated to promoting the benefits of LTO, and we encourage you to read our blog posts on this topic.  

One of the biggest trends at NAB was workflow processes relating to optimizing where content and assets are stored.  The “cloud boomerang” phenomenon appears to hold a significant degree of truth, particularly in the Sports, Media, and Entertainment sector. It involves companies retrieving their content from public cloud providers and once again storing it on their own premises. While cost is the primary driver for this migration out of the cloud, as companies seek to avoid recurring and escalating cloud storage costs, there are additional benefits for customers. These include the ability to maintain better data governance and meet local performance requirements.  At Symply we believe that a hybrid approach is likely the best fit.  So, contact us to ask about our in-facility private cloud, [Symply Perifery] and [Symply Transporter], along with our public cloud, [Symply Nebula]. 

High-performance desktop shared storage was a massive hit, in the form of [Symply Workspace XE].  Everyone is talking about our distinctive desktop design, which combines 8 hard drives with up to 8 ultra-high-performance E1.S NVMe modules.  Shipping as standard with 2×25/10Gb ethernet interfaces, and support for all the major NLE and VFXs apps, and GB/Sec of performance. 


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