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October 19, 2022

Symply announces new S3 native on-set appliance

SymplyTRANSPORTER – powered by DataCore Perifery – Brings Enterprise Data Protection Technology to On-Set Locations and Provides Fast, Efficient, and Secure Transport of Media.

Symply, an innovative developer of disk, tape, and cloud storage, announced today a new solution for transportation of data captured at the edge. SymplyTRANSPORTER is a game changing edge appliance built for media professionals. Featuring a massive 100 TB of usable capacity protected by advanced erasure coding and including dual 25 Gb Ethernet connectivity, SymplyTRANSPORTER provides enterprise data protection, high performance, and impressive scalability.  

Using this new appliance, businesses can quickly and securely transport content from edge locations to their facilities. Once back at base, the SymplyTRANSPORTER unit can be connected to an existing SymplyPERIFERY or DataCore Swarm in-facility cluster, and the data imported with the simple click of a button. Once data has been transferred SymplyTRANSPORTER can be reset – ready to go out to the next job. This plug-and-play appliance also comes  in a ruggedized transport case for mission-critical protection, trouble-free transportation, and unparalleled ease of use.

SymplyTRANSPORTER is compatible with third-party software applications including YoYotta and YoYotta Server – a macOS and cloud workflow tool for the production and post-production industries. YoYotta enables users to upload data from camera cards and other media directly to SymplyTRANSPORTER, at the same time project metadata is synced to YoYotta Server instance in the cloud, this not only allows for large projects to be split across different locations, but also provides a secure and effective way for managing S3 access keys and therefore improving security.

“It is great to be continuing our partnership with Symply” says Martin Greenwood, CTO at YoYotta.  “The combination of YoYotta and SymplyTRANSPORTER overcomes many of the challenges faced by productions all over the world.  Including the need for better data protection, metadata sharing, encrypting content, improving security, and bulk transport of data.”

SymplyTRANSPORTER is ideal for content creators and owners – including film crews, post-production facilities, media studios, houses of worship, and sports teams – that manage a massive amount of data. By leveraging  object storage with erasure coding technologies, SymplyTRANSPORTER offers far more data protection than traditional RAID systems. Utilising the universally unique nature of objects, and providing the ability to add rich custom metadata per object makes this the next generation of Edge media storage appliances.

“We’re excited to be working with DataCore and their Perifery software to deliver these vital storage solutions for edge computing,” says Keith Warburton, CEO at Symply. “SymplyTRANSPORTER will provide the next generation of data management for on-set applications, streamlining the process of bringing content shot on-location back to the facility for editing and saving media organisations valuable time and money.”

“We are excited to be providing DataCore Perifery as the core of SymplyTRANSPORTER hot on the heels of the successful launch of SymplyPERIFERY just over a month ago. SymplyTRANSPORTER is the perfect answer to satisfy the demand for on-set and remote media workflow appliances,” says Abhijit Dey, chief product officer at DataCore. “The lightweight and compact unit offers fast, efficient, capture of content and safe transport with state-of-the-art data protection and sophisticated metadata-aware capabilities such as categorization and searchability making this an invaluable addition to on location setups.”


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