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January 11, 2022

Rack-mounted archive

The superlative rack-mounted LTO archive device is here. And this is the big one.

A hot-swappable dual bay archiving tool compatible with LTO-7 and up. You can easily mount this into racks in a server room or straight onto a DIT cart or other mobile archiving solution. Unlike some competitor products the SymplyPRO LTO Rack units ship with rack mount kits so you don’t need to buy additional hardware to get up and running. They’re stable and easy to install, too, with sturdy metal bars and pins.

Our racks come in 1RU and 2RU form factors to accommodate either Half Height or Full Height LTO drives. The 2RU version ships with a Full Height LTO-9 drive, while users can configure the 1RU version with whichever generation they need from LTO-7 and up. And just like the XTH desktop products, the rack mounted versions can run with different generations in each drive bay and the drives themselves are user-removeable with a cableless sled design.


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