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January 24, 2022

One-stop DIT archive

Ask any on-set DIT and they’ll tell you that archiving footage at the time of recording is insanely important. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for many leading studios. Until that process happens the footage is at risk with only one copy.

It’s often time consuming and laborious to run the backup and archiving process – normally because you need to connect up multiple devices. Here at Symply we’ve solved the problem by integrating SSD readers into our LTO archiving products. The SymplyDIT LTO includes two readers in all devices – capable of accepting hardware from Atomos, Blackmagic, or just standard 2.5” drives. It means that DITs can connect source media directly to their archiving solution and daisy chain it across the same Thunderbolt connection for faster backup and archiving.

It seems like such an obvious solution, and yet one that hasn’t been done before.

The DIT platform is available with Full Height LTO drives, dual Half Heights, or a single Half Height. All compatible with LTO-9 for the latest generation of technology. Which is impressive when you think about it. The one to watch here is the SymplyDIT LTO XTH – the dual Half Height drive option. Why? Because you can buy it with one drive and expand later. And the drives don’t even have to be the same generation of LTO, so if you’re working with LTO-7 media and want to move forward into LTO-9 then you can do it from one simple platform. Furthermore, the drives are user-removable with a secure and cableless design – perfect for field serviceability and custom configurations per project.


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