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September 27, 2021

Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

Proving once again the extreme flexibility and versatility of LTO tape is the ability to use LTO data tapes for the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).

LTFS makes viewing and accessing tape files easier than ever before.  The LTFS format is used with LTO data tapes to allow you to share your data with others as it is supported on the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

With LTFS, the LTO data tape is partitioned in two.  One partition holds the content and the other holds the content’s index, so the tape can be self-describing to improve archive management.  With the operating system’s graphical file manager and directory tree, utilizing data on an LTO Ultrium tape cartridge is as easy as dragging and dropping the file from a USB flash drive.

LTTF can be used with LTO-9, LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, and LTO-5.  Symply supports LTFS with SymplyATOM, our advanced intuitive and informative Tape management and operations toolset.  

While many users with simple LTFS needs may choose to use SymplyATOM as their daily go to. Many users will be glad to know that Symply has wide-ranging 3rd party software support. All SymplyLTO products are approved for use with these software packages and many can be purchased as bundles with our LTO product making it easy for you.

If you are in a busy professional LTFS archiving environment then we would recommend opting for a paid for LTFS archiving application of which there are many on the market and available as bundles with the SymplyLTO family.  What sets these other LTFS applications apart is that they have a database that allows the applications to keep track of your precious digital assets, provide checksums of data archives, manage illegal characters that are not supported by LTFS, and copy the date to the LTFS tape in the most efficient manner.

These include Archiware P5, Hedge Canister, Imagine Products Inc., storageDNA, Tiger Technology Bridge, XenData, and YoYotta LTFS.


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