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February 14, 2022

Better Storage

Like most things, SymplyFIRST started out as an idea. We wanted to solve a problem we saw in nearly every studio we visited. Were people losing passion for designing the essential tools that creatives were using? Or was consolidation and the loss of smaller independent designers just killing innovation? Maybe it’s a little of both, but we knew we could do better.

We’re driven by our passion and, partially, knowing that during the COVID pandemic we would have additional time to perfect our product line. We began with research – talking to users across post production, on-set, remote workers, in-house creatives, television, audio production, VFX, and our internal product and support teams. Then we outlined the areas where storage and productivity bottlenecks weren’t being well addressed and looked carefully at the notes we collected. There were a lot of commonalities in what people wanted and what they felt was missing.

Designing SymplyFIRST

Everything we build is underpinned by our core principles: the rules we follow to make SymplyFIRST, better. As we began development we decided to start with proven technology. We were only going to invent new technologies that were needed and leverage those that were very good, but not well applied. This theme is carried across the entire product line.

A great example is found in the SymplyPRO LTO products. We didn’t invent a new LTO drive, but we did use the best brand in the market and developed an outstanding product line by adding the highest quality enclosure, power cooling, and management software to it.

We also made a clear choice to only use the finest components, then leveraging quantity to reduce costs by deploying those components across the entire line. This makes serviceability and manufacturing easier, and it guarantees consistency from one product to another.

This technique is found across all our LTO lines with premium power supplies and whisper-quiet fan technology.

We also decided to use a high-strength metal alloy to manufacture our enclosures, making them stronger, lighter, cleaner looking and more compact than others. Yes, it would have been easier to buy off-the-shelf plastic enclosures with lower quality components, use a building-block style approach, and slap the Symply name on them. But we knew that just wouldn’t do.

These devices had to be better. And they had to be simple.

Designed around needs

If you’re a busy editor or a DIT in the field you need all the time you have available to perfect your craft, not learn how to use new tools. This stuff should be in the background while you get the job done.

We understand deadlines, so ease of use and eliminating any learning curves was our next priority. This was carried out by implementing ground-up software development to make a one-button (or no buttons in most cases) management process, the most complete yet easy to understand deployment guides, extensive self-help maintenance kits, and expert support if and when you need it. For many companies it’s hard to justify the time and expense to do this up front, but experience tells us that it’s worth it. How many times have you called a support desk and heard “hmm, I’ve never seen that problem before” from the technician? We never want that to happen and hope the steps we’ve taken will eliminate it entirely.

All in all, SymplyFIRST is a labor of love and we hope it shows when you start using any of the products.

If I had to sum up why SymplyFIRST is the better choice it comes down to our passion and capabilities in designing products and services that drive a better experience. Essential products that enhance the capabilities of the production and post production process.

Whisper-quiet operation.

Easier to set up, use and service.

Highest quality at affordable prices.

Great warranty with expert support just an email, text, or call away.

All built by a company with an outstanding and dedicated team that has a long history of delivering great products and standing behind them.


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