RAID first aid. Field serviceable parts for your SymplySPARK.

Gone are the days of sending your RAID storage back to the supplier for repair.

SymplySPARK and SymplySPARK XT feature a field serviceable fan and power supply as well as hard disk drives - enabling users to swap out components on the rare occassions that the unthinkable happens.

SymplySAM is our Self Assist Maintenance kit. Each is tailored to the capacity and model of SymplySPARK you have and provides a replacement drive, fan assembly, and power supply as well as the only tool you need to get the job done: a humble screwdriver.

Supplied in an impact resistant carry case by NANUK, SymplySAM is the first aid kit for your RAID. 

When purchasing please ensure you select the right kit for your Spark or Spark XT.

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